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Il Pecus is “Your Dream Apartment Hunter” featuring bespoke listings on the New York Real Estate market, with a brokerage fee paid by the seller so there is no expense to the buyer. By utilizing a vast network of connections in the real estate industry, coupled with an experience crossing 25 years in finance and real estate, the il Pecus team can be counted on to deliver unmatched inventory selections and an effortless, guided process to picking up your new keys! 

Once the purchase of an investment property has completed, our customers count on il Pecus to offer full on-site assistance, freeing the homebuyer of the challenges and preoccupations of long-distance real estate management in a market that is not well-known. Our office acts as your New York staff. If you intend to rent, you can count on us to advertise the property, make appointments for visits and find qualified tenants. We also handle rental payments and collections, insurance and taxes, and putting you in touch – if you choose – with Italian-speaking lawyers accustomed to working with our customers. We can also assist in overseeing small handyman jobs and professional restoration work. These assignments are given to trustworthy and proven craftsmen and companies we are familiar with. All this is offered at a very competitive rate.