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Luigi Pecoraro, the founder of il Pecus, has been assisting foreign buyers with investments in the Manhattan and larger New York City real estate market since 2009. 

Il Pecus prides itself for finding many prestigious listings officially on the market, as well as listings that may become available shortly. With il Pecus, the home buyer is safe. By educating the international buyer, we eliminate surprises that can occur working directly with those who represent the seller. For example, we know if an impressive view is likely to disappear behind a new building, and we can negotiate a fair price for features that are “about to expire.” Furthermore, we can help our clients obtain public information that is helpful to the buyer, yet may be difficult to obtain. Our daily presence on the market has allowed us to do business in a professional manner, making for long-term relationships with real estate professionals across the ecosystem. Partnerships with knowledgeable attorneys have also allowed the il Pecus team to help our clients mitigate the risks inherent in purchasing real estate.