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Buying property in NYC 

Hunting for and eventually bidding and closing on residential or commercial property in the US is fairly different than most other countries; within the US, markets like NYC have their own unique challenges and opportunities. Il Pecus is intimately familiar with the process and it helps to educate its clients to ensure the smoothest transition among the searching, negotiating, and closing phases. 

We offer our clients the ability to: 

  • Find the best opportunities as soon as they are presented to the market
  • Review private and actual sales price of all condominiums in the last 3 years
  • Compare and interpret recent sales data and sales history of specific properties 
  • Evaluate risk diversification opportunities
  • Work with a trusted local bank and/or attorney with whom we have relationships

Property Management  

After the purchase of your investment closes, we can help: 

Select qualified tenants
and manage the property

Through our institutional contacts and experience with efficient advertising channels, we will rent the property after conducting a careful selection of proposals, personal interviews as well as appropriate credit and bank checks.

Periodically Report 

Periodically Report and maintain control over the management of one’s property, meeting a US accountant’s best practices as well as Italian ones. 

Locally represent you in
regular management

Including collection of rents, payment of common charges and local taxes, management of the dedicated bank account, selection and payment of insurance, relationships with the condominium, and so on. We also provide payment service of bills and fees, repairs, and first response to emergencies.



We select professionals and businesses depending on the customer’s budget and taste, then act as project managers on these assignments.